5 Reasons You Should Be Using TikTok To Promote Your Business

As a platform targeted at Generation Z and Millennials,‘TikTok’ very much remains an enigma for a vast majority of the older generation, and is unlikely to be the first thing to spring to a businessperson’s mind when they’re considering advertisement avenues.

But taking a closer look at what the platform actually has to offer, you may find that going down this untrodden path in your marketing approach can be of great advantage to your business in more ways than one.

Reason #1 – reach 500 million users across the world

Yes, that’s right- the number of Gen Z-ers and Millennials on TikTok right now has reached a staggering 500 million. The platform has gained a lot of traction in a very short space of time, and the upward trend doesn’t show signs of slowing, given the uniqueness of its content and its tailored appeal to younger age groups.

Reason #2 – take over Generation Z’s favourite platform

The platform being so particularly appealing to Gen Z should be anything but discouraging. What better way to get the attention of this age group, to whom websites like Facebook and Twitter are completely alien, outdated concepts? If you are looking to advertise a product aimed at this age group, look no further: if you can find a better way of getting the attention of a modern-day 13-year old, I’m sure parents would love to hear it.

Reason #3 – advertise in a way that’s highly (cost-) effective

One of the main appeals of the platform is the ease with which all users can create and upload content, whether that’s a dance video, a funny meme or just a random thought. Within minutes  you can have created a snappy 60-second video to market your product in a clear and engaging way, which won’t require any spending on technical equipment or special effects.

Reason #4 – experiment with a vast range of ways to promote your brand

Likewise, the average TikTok user will make their way through a very broad range of video content in one sitting. One of the platform’s most striking features is its versatility, meaning there are many different forms your advertisement can take – whether that’s in-feed native content, a brand takeover, a hashtag challenge or branded lenses – which will allow you to actively engage your customers with your brand in so many ways.

Reason #5 – YOU are priority

Unlike on other social media platforms like Twitter, advertisement spaces on TikTok are limited in number, so you can rest assured that once you’ve claimed your spot, you won’t have to worry about your brand message getting drowned out in a chaos of countless other products.

It is clear to see why more and more business are taking the step of advertising on TikTok- all of these factors combined make for a unique opportunity to promote your brand in a way that won’t go unnoticed.

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