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REMDigital is a progressive digital marketing agency experienced in search engine optimisation.

Not only do we pride ourselves on our ability to produce outstanding results, but we also follow through on what we deliver and make improvements wherever possible – in an industry where business relationships are often all too temporary, we strive to build and maintain enduring, rewarding relationships with our valued client base.

If you’re looking to revitalise the way your company markets itself and give your online presence a significant boost, no matter how big or small your business is, we at REMDigital have the tools and expertise to help you.

Meet the team.

Ahmed Bhula


An experienced internet marketer at heart. Ahmed has vast experience of the web. He has worked in senior roles for agencies that operate across the world and successfully led the marketing team in-house, at multi-million pound operations across the country.

Joey Lee

Creative Design

Joey brings over 6 years of experience as a graphic designer having worked for clients across many verticals. She grew up in Ireland and often visit her home during the holidays.

Laura Sheppard

PPC Specialist

Over 10 years of experience in PPC including agency and freelance. I’ve had the opportunity to work with large brands as well as SME’s in a range of different industries. I enjoy the dynamic nature of digital marketing and have expanded my experience to paid social advertising over the past few years. I love to travel and see different countries and have recently come back from spending a year in California.

Linsey Satterthwaite

Creative Writer

Linsey has written for various mediums including film publications, blog posts, website content and newsletters. She also love to write reviews and articles for film websites and runs social media pages for an independent cinema committee.

Pawan Kumar

Senior Developer

Pawan has been coding since he was 16. He has developed systems for many businesses and large corporations across the UK. His skill set includes PHP, Angular, Node, JS, SQL. He has also set up many cloud applications and servers using Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Waseem Patel

Business Development Manager

Yasmin Sidat

Paid Marketing

Background in PPC & Digital Marketing & Supporting with PPC Management. Previous experience across agency and brand and occasional writer in my spare time.

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