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We live in an era where online interfaces mean everything. For many customers and potential clients researching your industry for the first time, your website will function as their introduction to you and your business – so it’s vital to make a good impression. Essentially, your website is your ‘shop window’, or the ‘front door’ to your business.

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    Why your website is crucial to your business

    As we live in a digital age, a website is the most crucial marketing tool for your business. Whenever we, as a consumer, want to research and find a product and service we turn to the internet for guidance and answers. For most customers and potential clients inquiring about your services for the first time, your website will be their initial insight into your business, so it is essential that it creates a good impression. It will be the standard that is instantly set so it needs to reflect the quality of service you can provide.

    The principles of web design at REM Digital

    We work to create bespoke and attractive design for your pages, but we also put emphasis on the performance of your website to make sure it has the highest usability.

    How we will maximise your web design and development

    At REM digital we will research, develop and maintain your web design so that it creates effective engagement with new and existing customers. We will factor in the following

    A successful web design will always consider its users as they are the most important factor. Every page of your website needs to have a defined purpose and cater for the needs of the client, whether this is providing information, detailing products or services or a way to interact with your business. We consult and determine with you the purpose of your website to help achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

    Internet users want information quickly and efficiently, so it is vital that the information on your website is clear and easy to understand.

    Choosing the correct images for your website will help you connect with your target audience and establish your brand. We will help construct and manage your visual content to make your pages shine with arresting and appealing images.

    The use of website navigation tools allows customers to experience your site with the most efficiency and the least amount of difficulty. We will make sure your web pages are easy to navigate and user friendly which is essential for visitors to your site.

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