Maximising Partnerships

So, what Have We Achieved?

The Strategy

Website Redesign and Development

We revamped the TailorBakes.com website with a focus on user experience and performance, leading to increased sales and customer engagement.

SEO and PPC Campaigns

Our SEO strategy improved TailorBakes.com’s search engine rankings, significantly boosting organic traffic. Targeted PPC campaigns on Google Ads and social media platforms yielded high click-through rates and substantial returns.

Content Marketing and CRO

Engaging content marketing strategies enhanced brand awareness, positioning TailorBakes.com as a market leader. Advanced CRO techniques improved the website’s conversion rates, leading to higher sales.

Seasonal Campaigns

Our seasonal marketing for TailorBakes.com, targeting key holidays, significantly boosted customer engagement and sales.

Email Marketing

TailorBakes.com’s email campaigns, known for their creativity and personalisation, achieved high open rates and customer loyalty.

TailorBake Rewards Program

Our strategy included launching ‘TailorBake Rewards’, a loyalty program where customers earn points with every purchase, boosting retention and engagement.

We Use Industry Leading Tools