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Social media has fast become an integral part in the way companies market their products and services. Although many people may be accustomed to using sites like Facebook and Twitter in their personal lives, using them to market your business is very different, and often requires specialist understanding and expertise.

Our team of marketing experts are fluent in using social networking to improve conversions.

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    What is a social media plan?

    A social media plan is a marketing strategy of everything you want to create and the outcomes you hope to achieve through social media. The more specific the plan is, the more effective it will be, by focusing on the results you want to produce you can adapt and tailor your strategy around this.

    Why is social media so important?

    We live in a digital age where consumerism is driven through the internet and people use it as their primary source for purchasing products and services. It is therefore crucial that any business has a strong social media presence, where your customers can find you, interact with you and where they can purchase what you are selling. If you are not easy to find on the internet or if your website is lacking, you will lose valuable custom to your competitors and you will find it harder to retain your existing clients.

    How Social Media helps Businesses

    There are many benefits of Social Media to your business, it is a tool that will help you reach the biggest audience in the quickest, most effective way
    Posts will drive targeted traffic
    Social Media posts and ads are key ways to increase traffic to your website. It will allow direct interaction with your customers who then may influence others and expand your base even further.
    Helps you understand your audience
    A business is dependent on its custom and for effective communication and growth, you need to understand the needs of your customers. Social Media is an effective tool for interacting with your clients, to gain insights into their habits and their consumer behaviours.

    Benefits of Paid Social Media

    There are many benefits to using a paid social media plan for your business which include:
    Faster Results
    Paid advertising guarantees an audience reach quicker and bigger, as opposed to organic reach which has been declining in recent times. You can develop your content and advance your brand with adverts that will be seen by as many people as possible.
    Targeted Posts
    Through research and expertise, you can adapt your social media advertising to target a market with a genuine interest in your products and services. Using strategies such as keywords, demographics and geography, you can reach the consumers who are more likely to produce sales.
    Cost Effective
    Social Media allows you to gain a vast reach of custom at a low cost. Advertising this way is more cost effective than more traditional methods, allowing the best for your business in our modern consumer climate.

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