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Maximise Return on Investment

We are a Google Partner Agency

PPC stands for ‘Pay Per Click’, and is sometimes referred to as ‘Cost per click’. It is a marketing strategy which involves placing an advertisement or ‘banner’ promoting your products or services on the search engine results page or another website.

Many companies utilise PPC to increase brand awareness and generate traffic. Getting the most out of a PPC strategy requires specialist knowledge and expertise. At REMDigital, we will develop your PPC campaign and constantly monitor its progress, ensuring that your company receives optimum exposure for as low a cost as possible.

Our 5 Step Process

01. Strategise
02. Competitor Audit
03. Setup Campaigns
04. Website Landing Page Audit
05. Implement Conversion Tracking
06. Transparent Reports

Our Experts Are Google Certified

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    Factors for successful PPC

    There are vital factors for generating a successful PPC campaign which will make the most of your digital marketing plan and which will produce positive and profitable results.

    Relevance of Advertisement

    It is important to focus on the relevance of your PPC adverts as these will determine every search that matches your keywords. The more searches your business appears in, the better it will be for generating more sales.

    Keyword Research

    This is perhaps the most crucial part of PPC and involves identifying the key terms and words that your customers are using in their online search. When you know what visitors are searching for, you can make sure you are supplying this information.

    Landing Page

    Make sure the page that your visitors land on is relevant and associated with your PPC adverts. Bringing a unity and brand to your adverts and webpage will help give clear and concise material to your customers and clients.

    Who can benefit from PPC

    PPC benefits all types of businesses to help them maintain and grow their target audience. It is particularly useful for smaller businesses starting out or for those branching into other areas of services. It will ensure that your business reaches the intended audience and expands its opportunities. It will also boost your brand within the online community, leading to fast and significant results.

    How we will build your PPC campaign

    Getting the optimum benefits from your PPC campaign requires knowledge and expertise which REMdigital will provide. We will develop a plan and constantly monitor the progress, adopting a detailed structure, complete keyword research and consistent maintenance.

    We will make sure your web pages are unique and up to date so that visitors to your site directly see the services or products that you want to sell.

    We will focus and devote time to each part of the PPC process, to determine your business’s goals, boost your brand and translate online traffic into sales.

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