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5 Tips to a Productive Meeting

When running a business, you don’t have the luxury of a 09:00-17:00 working life; You work 24/7. And meetings can take place at 10am or 10pm on a Wednesday or a Saturday. Sacrifices need to be made if you want your business to succeed.

This is what I do to make my meetings productive:

“70% of all archaeology is done in the library”

The root of every successful meeting is planning. I always like to spend time before a meeting to research and plan every aspect of the coming meeting. Make notes, prepare documentation, and note down questions to ask. The more productive the meeting, the greater the the results.

Classic pen and pad

I like to trial and test everything I do to fine tune, become better, more productive and ultimately save time. So I’ve tried using a Macbook, a Surface Pro 3 Tablet, an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to take notes during meetings.

End result? I find taking notes the old fashion way the most beneficial. However as soon as a meeting is over, I like to type up and send a summary all those who were present.

Google’s 9th Floor London Office

Not too long ago I visited Google’s “9th Floor Office” in central London.



I noticed how sharp they were with regards to time keeping during meetings. Their meetings would not go over by even a few minutes. Conversation during meetings often diverts to non-essential talk. If it happens, bring the convo back to the agenda and keep the meeting to the schedule.

Ask questions

Ask as many questions as you need to. Don’t hold back and don’t feel shy to ask. Even if it seems futile.

Make meetings exciting

  • Keep a variety of venues at hand
  • Put in time for a 5-10 minute break (also helps towards building a solid relationship)
  • Bring food to the meeting

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